IMPORTANT NOTICE – READ THIS DOCUMENT CAREFULLY: This licence to use the CONAN MOBILE SOFTWARE PACKAGE ("LICENCE") is an agreement which governs use of the computer software package and related documentation ("SOFTWARE"). The act of downloading, installing, copying or using this software implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every condition stipulated in this licence. If you do not accept the conditions of this licence, do not download the software or install the program. Likewise, use of this INCIBE software by you implies your acceptance of the terms of this agreement.

The Spanish National Institute for Cybersecurity (hereinafter INCIBE), a State-owned limited liability company linked to the Spanish Secretariat of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society, with company registration number (CIF) A-24530735 and with its registered address at Avenida José Aguado, 41, 24005 León, Spain, offers users the possibility of learning the security status of devices using the Android operating system.




CONAN Mobile will help you check on the level of security of the configuration of your device with an Android operating system and the applications installed on it, through the following functions:

  1. Device Configuration Check
    Investigates and assesses the configuration parameters for the device, Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth equipment linked to it, categorised according to their risk level. Gives user recommendations intended to enhance the level of security of the device.
    Application Check
  2. Classifies applications on the basis of their status or risk, using knowledge modelling from external sources. For the provision of the INCIBE service, a third-party tool is used that permits detection of viruses in applications.
  3. Application Classification by Permissions Used
    Gives access to the listing of permissions declared by applications, classified according to the most relevant permissions (basic) and the  risk category (complete).
  4. Pro-active Service
    Monitors security events on the device in real time, and notifies of them on the status bar. These include connections to unsecured Wi-Fi networks, modifications to host files, extended info about network connections (identifying potentially dangerous connections, install dangerous apps and making calls or sending SMS texts at Premium services and services, botnets and other security threats. You can enabled or disabled the Pro-active Service.
  5. OSI Advice
    OSI recommendations about mobile devices security.
    License AntiBotnet Service:

Apart from the application check service and AntiBotnet Service, all other services are provided from within the client device. In running application checks and AntiBotnet Service, the information is transmitted in encrypted form.



  • Reroute outgoing calls: Allows the app to see the number being dialed during an outgoing call wint the option to redirect the call to a different number or abort the call altogether.
  • Read your text messages (SMS or MMS): Allows the app to read SMS messages stored on your phone or SIM card. This allows the app to read all SMS messages, regardless of content or confidentiality.
  • Precise location (based on network connection and GPS): This is required in order to verify this feature when analysing the device configuration features.
  • Read the contents of your USB storage: Allows the app to read the contents of your USB storage..
  • Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage: Allows the app to write to the USB storage.
  • Find accounts on the device: Allow the app to get the list of accounts know by the phone. This may include any accounts created by applications you have installed.
  • • Read Google service configuration: Allows this app to read Google service configuration data
  • Full network access: Allows the app to create network sockets and use custom network protocols.
  • Receive data from Internet: Allows apps to accept cloud to device messages sent by the app’s service.
  • View network connections: Allows the app to view information about network connections such as which networks exist and are connected.
  • View Wi-Fi Connections: Allows the app to view information about Wi-Fi networking, such as whether Wi-Fi enabled and name of connected Wi-Fi devices.
  • Pair with Bluetooth devices: Allows the app to view the configuration of the Blueetooh on the phone, and to make and accept connections with paired devices.
  • Run at startup: Allows the app to have itself started as soon as the system has finished booting. This can make it take longer to start the phone and allow the app to slow down the overall phone by always running.
  • Draw over other apps: Allows the app to draw on top of other applications or parts of the user interface.
  • Prevent phone from sleeping: Allows the app to prevent the phone from going to sleep.



If you are under age, a ward, or have not yet reached eighteen, you must read this licence with your father, mother or guardian to make sure that you understand its contents and so the rights and duties that you take on by using the software.

Use of the service requires compatible devices and software, as well as access to the Internet. This will be subject to whatever tariffs are applied by your Internet service provider.

It is possible that you may need to have the most recently published version of the software installed for it to continue functioning and for you to enjoy all its features.



This version of CONAN Mobile is a Beta-test version. It is thus not possible to guarantee a totally fault-free operation of the software. INCIBE accepts no liability for any failure of the software to function correctly, for any undesired effects from running it, or for misuse of the application. You recognize and expressly accept that use of CONAN Mobile is entirely at your own risk. You likewise accept that the service is offered as is, without any responsibility on the part of INCIBE for its availability, security or reliability.

As far at the applicable legislation permits, INCIBE will in no case be held liable to any individual or corporation, for any damage whatsoever, whether special, direct or indirect (including, but not limited to, loss of profit, interruption of business, financial losses or loss of data) arising from the use or from the inability to use the material supplied. The software is supplied as is, and no claims will be entertained in respect of specifications that the program might be supposed to fulfil.

INCIBE denies all liability for any modifications that might be made to the software without the express consent of INCIBE, as also for any incorrect use made of the software, whether the original distributed by INCIBE or any modifications or products derived from the software (including derivatives of the source code) whether or not these are authorized by INCIBE.

You are responsible for any uses made of the program by other individuals that you permit to use it. You furthermore are liable for any loss, damage or cost whatsoever that may arise from incompatibilities between the program or updated versions of it and software belonging to third parties that you may have installed on your mobile device, as also of for any other problems that may be caused by interactions between programs or coincident blocks of code.



INCIBE reserves the right to modify, suspend or close down the service (or any part or item contained in it) at any time, and will not be liable in any way to you or to any third party for any such action. As far as is feasible, INCIBE will make a prior public announcement of any intended modification, suspension or closure of service.




INCIBE reserves the right to modify this licence at any time and to set new terms or conditions relating to the use of this service. Any such changes, as well as any newly added terms and conditions, will be communicated to you as appropriate and you must accept them if you wish to continue benefiting from the service or doing so in the most effective way.

The fact that at a given time INCIBE may not require compliance with any specific stipulation in this licence shall not be understood as indicating that stipulation or any other of the contents of the licence is being relinquished.



INCIBE gives you a non-exclusive, free, and non-transferrable right to use the software in the way envisaged in this licence.

INCIBE does not authorize you to:

  1. Harm, modify, avoid restrictions in, decompile, disassemble, manipulate or reverse-engineer the software or any part of it, or to aid or assist any third party to undertake any of these actions. Separation of the component parts of the software is forbidden.
  2. Access the service through any means other than those provided by INCIBE for accessing the software.
  3. Use modified versions of the software not provided by INCIBE.
  4. Grant the use of, hire, sell, distribute, donate, or in any other way transfer the software or any of its components to any other individual or body.
  5. Send, transfer or export the software to any country, or use the software in any way that is prohibited by laws, restrictions or regulations relating to exports.

If you breach the security of the SOFTWARE you may incur civil or criminal liabilities.

Moreover, you accept that INCIBE may vary services so as to improve the software or for other reasons concerning INCIBE, provided that the purpose and aims of the service continue to be respected.

This licence will be automatically revoked if you do not conform to the conditions established.



INCIBE expressly reserves all rights whatsoever that it may have over the software and the elements forming part of it, without prejudice to any rights over certain materials that may be held by third parties or to particular uses that INCIBE may make of their products, duly authorized in writing.

Some contents and services available through the service may include materials from third parties; INCIBE will not be responsible for examining or evaluating the contents or accuracy of such third-party materials and INCIBE neither guarantees, nor accepts any liability for, any third-party materials or services.

You are hereby advised that this software includes at the least the open-code programs listed below, in accordance with the terms of the licences for each of these programs:

You may not use third-party materials forming part of the SOFTWARE in any way that might constitute a breach of the rights of these third parties.

The use of any part of the service in any way other than that permitted by this licence is strictly prohibited. It will constitute a breach of the intellectual property rights of third parties and may be punishable with civil and criminal penalties, including the payment of compensation for any loss or damage arising from the breach of copyright.

INCIBE does not grant you any rights over the brand names, distinctive symbols, graphic designs or logos of INCIBE that are used in relation to the Service.



The software uses information-gathering technology with the aim of providing the service and improving and maintaining the software. Thus, data will be used to warn you of possible security incidents on your device or for drawing up statistics.

You accept that INCIBE may gather any data necessary, including personal information, for the purposes described above.

The data gathered by the application are:

  • Identification and technical data for the device, needed for providing the Applications Check service.
  • Security configurations checked. A record is kept of whether the checks were positive or negative, for statistical purposes.
  • Apps connecting to malicious resources in internet.

This service does not, and cannot, identify the user of the device checked. It only checks technical and applications data against our database, always within the terms of current laws. In the event of the service finding a positive result for a threat, we provide you with information relating to the threat that might be affecting your device, so as to assist you in identifying it.

The server does not receive, and so cannot process or store, details of connections made by your applications, except potencially malicious, or of calls or SMS texts to premium-tariff numbers.

In accordance with Spanish Basic Law 15/1999 of 13 December 1999 on the protection of data of a personal nature (the LOPD), your personal data will be held in an automated file for INCIBE information security service management. Data of a personal nature with an appropriate level of protection in accordance with Spanish Basic Law 15/1999, of 13 December 1999 on the protection of data of a personal nature and with Spanish Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December 2007, which approved regulations specifying details for the implementation of Basic Law 15/1999.

You are hereby informed that you may exercise your rights to access, cancel, rectify and refuse permission for processing, use or disclosure of your data by writing to that effect to INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE CIBERSEGURIDAD ESPAÑOLA, S.A. Avenida José Aguado, 41 24005-León (España) or through the e-mail address



This agreement has been drawn up and should be interpreted in accordance with Spanish law. In the event of any doubts or differences of opinion in respect of its interpretation or effects, the courts of the City of Leon in Spain shall be the sole competent body, and the parties to this agreement hereby relinquish any rights to use any other tribunal that they may have.



INCIBE reserves the right to adopt all the measures that it deems reasonably necessary or appropriate in order to require, or to verify compliance with, any stipulation in this license.